Facial Treatments

Essential Facial (40 minutes)
Relaxing and effective, Aruna’s essential facial cleanses, clarifies and tones the skin. Featuring an ultra moisturizing mask to rejuvenate and rebalance the skin. Recommended for all skin types. (without extractions) - 90

Signature Facial - (60 minutes)
Aruna’s Signature facial deep cleans, refines, tones and hydrates the skin leaving the skin looking, healthy, youthful and radiant. Recommended for skin that needs deep pore cleansing and extra hydration. - 120
Series of 3 - 330

Ultimate Purification Facial (60 minutes)
This facial improves texture and clarity of blemish prone skin while calming redness and soothing sensitive skin. You will enjoy excellent results in minimal time with improved skin texture, vibrancy and resiliency. Recommended for oily or problematic skin types. - 135

Series of 3 - 360

Anti-aging Facial  (80 minutes)
Aruna’s customized, anti-aging facial revitalizes, rebalances and deeply hydrates the skin making it ideal for photo-damaged and degenerated skin types. These intensive therapeutic treatments are rich in anti-oxidants and designed to replenish and nourish depleted skin while restoring youthful radiance. Depending on your skin’s needs, you and your esthetician will decide from the Plantomer, Anti-Free-radical or Luminious C treatments. - 150     Series of 3 - 415

    • Plantomer
      An effective treatment that is calming, hydrating and beautifying, leaving the skin firm, refreshed and healthy. The treatment consists of an application of the propolis ampoule followed by a special, state of the art, lift-off mask. Expect a healthier and soothed complexion.
    • Anti-Free Radical
      A triple-layer treatment to provide intense hydration, repair and protection from environmental stresses.  An ampoule rich in vitamins and essential oils is massaged in followed by a lavender-mint thermal lift-off mask.  While changes of the mask occur, the ampoule is naturally penetrated leaving the skin repaired, moisturized and radiant.  Especially recommended for deeply damaged and stressed skin.
    • Luminous C
      A magical beautifying treatment that incorporates the potency of vitamin C (25%) and pure seaweed, to refine, reduce fine lines, and counter-act aging. An ampoule is massaged into the skin, followed by an orange “peel-off” mask that aids in further penetration of the vitamin C for instant results.  An excellent choice prior to special occasions. 

Myoxy Caviar Facial (70 Minutes)
This advanced anti-aging treatment contains a potent combination of Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts; Escutox. Improving elasticity and texture, the luxurious bi-thermal mask increases skin oxygenation and suppleness while reducing expression lines. A repairing and smoothing caviar hand treatment is also included. - 185    

Series of 3 - 450    

Exfoliating Facial
Experience Arunas’ Signature facial with the addition of a beautifying, AHA exfoliating peel. 

  • Mandelic Acid Peel - 135 (60 minutes) with neck/decollete 180 (80 minutes)
    has the unique ability to target a number of different skin care issues, such as repairing skin damaged by photoaging (prolonged exposure to the sun), combating hyperpigmentation and treating acne, without irritation.
  • Lactic Acid Peel - 135 (60 minutes) with neck/decolette 180 (80 minutes)
    A natural component of the skin, Lactic Acid leaves the skin more supple, hydrated, brightened, firm and glowing.
  • Micro Retinol peel - 150 (60 minutes)
  • Micronized Retinol resurfaces dull and uneven skin, revealing a brightened, smoothed and evenly toned complexion.

Phyto Stem Cell Facial (70 minutes)- 185
Brighten and repair your skin with this deep cleansing facial. This innovative facial reverses the signs of aging with gentle yet potent treatment.

Ultrasonic Resurfacing Facial (60 minutes) - 170    Series of 3 - 450

Ultrasonic Resurfacing Facial with neck/décolleté  (80 minutes)- 200
Ultrasonic is the latest cutting edge technology in skin resurfacing. The treatment process is gentle, non-invasive and perfect for sensitive skin, mature skin and rosacea. The frequency of this low ultrasonic device allows for gentle exfoliation, tightening, toning, and deeper product penetration resulting in a superior peel, without any skin trauma or inflammation.


Add on Treatments

Scalp/Hair Treatment
This relaxing scalp massage with hair treatment releases tensions while strengthening, revitalizing and protecting the hair. - 40

Eye Repair
De-Stress Eye Treatment for Wrinkles - an ampoule with 100% pure marine collagen is applied to the eye contour to diminish and smooth fine lines with instant results. - 40

Eye Bright
De-Stress Eye Treatment for Puffiness - a specialized sheet, rich in gingko biloba, is gently applied to the eye contour and lids to soothe and calm puffy eyes.  Excellent for allergy sufferers,
travelers and fatigued eyes. - 30

Youthful Lips
Refine and smooth the lip contour; azaleic acids evens skin tone, while shea butter and vitamin A moisturize, and collagen and elastin diminish fine lines to reveal beautiful lips. - 30

Hand Treatment
A relief for aching joints, Paraffin Hand Treatments are soothing, replenishing and will leave your hands feeling remarkably silky and refreshed. - 37

Foot Treatment
This soothing, warm Paraffin foot treatment will soften, moisturize and revive your tired feet. - 37


Purifying Body Polish

This silky body scrub removes impurities and soften rough skin. - 85

Full Back Only - 35


Tropical Saltmousse Scrub

This aromatic De-aging Saltmousse delivers an aroma sensory experience. - 90

Full Back Only - 40