Body Treatments

Aruna Body Treatments

Green Coffee Wrap  (60 minutes)
An effective contouring treatment that uses potent phyto-extracts found naturally in green coffee aiding in the reduction of water retention, while visibly revealing smoother skin. A gel like serum is massaged into problematic areas followed by a creamy green coffee mask. - 140 or 190 with 30 minute massage.

Seaweed Wrap (60 minutes)
A true spa favorite, experience a treatment that is detoxifying, firming and relaxing. A creamy body mask rich in essential minerals and vitamins, with a light scent of sandalwood, is luxuriously applied to reveal more beautiful, healthy skin. - 140 or 190 with 30 minute massage.

Anti-aging Tropical Wrap (60 minutes)
Prepare to be transported to a sublime tropical oasis where your senses are awakened and phenomenal visible results are obtained. Combining the extracts of mango and passion fruit, this creamy yogurt formulation is luxuriously applied all over and the skin emerges firmer and vividly brighter. - 150 or 200 with 30 minute massage.